Thursday, May 17, 2012

1000th post

I guess it is fitting that when hitting my 1000th post, it would be a post about my precious family, the reason I started this blog. Here I am with my kids on Mother's Day. The other night as I was crawling in bed, I thought to myself, "This is perhaps the best time of my life." I have enjoyed EVERY, EVERY stage of my growing up, my marriage, my children. But right now, I'm just about to cross over into having all my kids school-aged. That means I'll get to return full time to the job I love so much I'd pay them to let me do it! I have a preschooler, but also I still have five years with my wonderful oldest daughter, and then all the darlings in between. These five years will go fast. I want to treasure them.
After lunch, we stopped at Decathalon (so Papa could look at bike stuff!) The kids and I enjoyed the fountain.
And like the crazy Americans that we are, we decided to run through to the other side between bursts of water. At least until the security guard told us, "Yasak." (forbidden)
I am so thankful for my God, my husband, my children, my job. And for my 1000th post, I dedicate it my family. I love you!


Tara G. said...

Ooh! Winner, winner- first poster on your 1000th post! :) What a beautiful family!! And I love your adventures and wisdom and sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of Annika!! All the pictures on this post are lovely.

YES, Sara, I will totally agree that through my wonderful childhood, marriage, etc., raising my kids has also been an awesome time of my life.

Right now we have Ms. Kathleen home for about a year, as she prepares for the bar, takes the bar (Lord willing, of course) and searches for her permanent job. It is most rare to have all my kids home at once for any length of time. Karoline (again, God willing) will leave for college once again this fall. My oldest son graduates next spring and then the youngest one, the following year. So, you see, the time with all four is most precious.

I can truly say it wonderful to both David and I. Soon they will be thinking of marriage and so on.

For me, I am saying goodbye to those precious days of childhood and turning my eyes toward the adults they are and they are becoming. I sit back and enjoy the things they are doing, the careers they are pursuing and their enthusiasm for the future. Along with this comes the reality that David and I are no longer young and have lived more than half our life. That is a sobering thought (not depressing, just sobering thought that you will think of one day), and so we look forward to what everyone calls, "the golden years." We look forward to once again being a couple with no children at home and all the sweet things that go with that. We look forward to our grandchildren, should God bless us in that way, and we look forward to the day when it is time to go Home.

That is not a sad thing! We are coming to the age where we realize our race is almost run . . . God has been so good to us.

Point I am making to you is that as good as life is now, it just keeps getting better and sweeter. When you start 'reaping the harvest' from all the hard work you put in raising your family and doing what you do, there is nothing like it. Life in Jesus is awesome. That is the only way you can say it. :)


His Doorkeeper said...

Congrats on your 1000th post and what a beautiful family you have! You are a blessed woman!

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