Wednesday, May 9, 2012

International Kids

We've been sporting international clothes this past week. Twinkle Toes represented good ol' Tennessee as a cowgirl. Miss Middler represented Singapore in her Malay dress. At the last minute, Twinkle Toes wanted to change to represent Singapore, as well. I said, "But I baked you banana-nut-chocolate muffins to take! I don't think you'd find those in Singapore!" Then Firstborn came to the rescue and set her up with this cute skirt to help her figure out her Tennessee costume.
Later in the week, we received a care package from our sweet Singaporean friends. Included was this Chinese dress. Twinkle Toes wore it to church and was told by a Korean man she looked Chinese!
Big Ben looked so handsome in his batik shirt, too. One of the male teachers commented he wished he had one like that!
I thought this picture from International Day was beautiful! This is Oasis, every color!


Anonymous said...

Love every color also . . .

Just amazed at how rich that must be.


Rebecca said...

I just love reading about your family's adventures! Such a good way for me to remember how big and beautiful God's world is. Rebecca :)

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