Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We have some sweet friends here who are from Italy. They invited our whole family over for dinner. We began with some appetizers.

Tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and basil, along with Mozzarella cheese.
 Smoked meats.
I do realize appetizers are supposed to be light fare. But how could we resist filling our plates when our food looked like this?

Here is their darling girl, Sweet Cheeks' friend, who made her appetizers into a face.
I am not sure how I managed to NOT get a photo of the homemade lasagna. Anyone reading this ever made their own lasagna noodles? Wow!  Nor did I get a photo of the homemade pasta with a cream and butter sauce, tossed with mushrooms, picked on the hillsides of Italy by the grandmother of this family. I'm serious. Perhaps I got no photos because my mind was on the food!

For dessert, she served something I've never eaten before in my life. Creamy Italian deliciousness topped with a caramel sauce. I will find out how she makes it. Big Ben had been on his best behavior and got extra cream from our hostess.
We were stuffed. Literally. As in, not-another-bite stuffed. And then they offered an espresso. How could we say no to an espresso offered by an Italian? It's their word, after all! It was perfect.
 Many thanks for an amazing meal and a sweet time together!


Anonymous said...

YES!!! My closet friend is married to an Italian whose parents came from Italy. I have been the beneficiary of many good and authentic recipes. Far from an expert on Italian cuisine, I am most definitely a fan......And yes, I have a lasagna recipe where you make your own pasta but I have yet to make it. I have made the family recipe for suga many times.


Tara G. said...

I had lasagna that changed my life forever when we were in Venice this past fall. Forever, I'm telling you! How fun to have the real deal with you- better yet, the friendship!! :)

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