Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pre-Algebra Can Be Fun?

Let's face it. Kids learn so much through projects! I am not sure how much I learned from my chapter reading on pioneers, but I sure remember making a covered wagon from balsa wood with my dad.

Firstborn was assigned a fabulous project for Pre-Algebra about finding geometry in the real world. They had to do a photo compilation of 40 geometry findings on a power point show, along with written proofs about 10 of them. Incidentally, my new college course for re-certification is PowerPoint 101. Maybe my 13 year old can help me on my homework.

Here's some cute shots from her project.

Acute angle.
A vertex.
Similar shapes.
A rotation.
And they got harder: angle bisector made with chopsticks. The hardest to find was an oblique cylinder. She found one on the architecture of the school!
She worked hard, and I am certain learned a lot. I appreciate teachers who make learning fun!


Tara G. said...

Seriously, how fun would math have been back in the day with a project like that!?

Anonymous said...

Sara, isn't Mary really pretty! In pictures, she seems to be blossoming like young ladies do.

That was a genuis idea for a project, too! :)


Angie said...

I always got more out of hands on projects!
This looka like a lot of fun. Kudos to the teacher that came up with it.

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