Friday, May 25, 2012

How Do You Say Goodbye?

Every June means more goodbyes. It's always hard, but this year is by far the worst. I am saying goodbye to some of my dearest friends. So, how do you say goodbye? I decided to host a tea in their honor, put my best face on, and send them off knowing they are loved and appreciated.
 I opened my home, made a few things, and let others bring food if they had time. The food was amazing!
 We chatted, ate, drank tea.

 Lots of tea!
And then we shared a little...some funny stories, some tears, lots of reasons we appreciate them. Below is a picture of all of my friends who are leaving...left, counter-clock-wise
Julie, a school mom friend with 3 boys (I have lots of guns/swords/light sabers thanks to her, as well as some good memories of many times she has blessed me)
Logan, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, who has taught 3rd grade for us and also taught me about having a spirit of humility and teach-ability
Jenna, who came 7 years ago and was Firstborn's 2nd grade teacher. She has become more than a friend and teacher, she's like a little sister to me and a big sister to my daughter.
Stacey, a dear friend and Bible-study partner, who understands me many times so much better than anyone else, as she has been an administrator like my husband (she also taught Sweet Cheeks to read!)
Beth, who has given so much of herself to our school, from the very first year it was opened, who has given three of my girls the confidence to be on a stage
Alli, who is an MK from Africa, and has such a gentle spirit, has gotten an A plus in flexibility, and who freezes dead birds in our fridge at school for disection (I'll miss opening them, thinking it was a stash of coffee)
And Jen. Where do I start? She was one of the crazy ones who came here when this was all just a little mustard seed of faith. Losing Jen and her husband means losing the only other "originals" from our first before-the-school-started year.
I'm going to miss them all, so much.
 And yet, while it is hard to say goodbye, I also smile and thank God that I knew them and got the chance to work with them here. CC fixed my blocks for the says it all...Goodbye Dear Sister.
May God go with you all!

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