Monday, May 28, 2012

Zoo Day

It's the time of year that I have no shortage of blog material! There is so much going on. I have been teaching the Pre K class while my friend is in the US to see her daughter graduate from college. We planned the annual zoo field trip to be while she was gone. The kids were so excited.

The little girl in the middle rarely smiles, hardly talks. I saw her smile more on the zoo day than all year long.
She stayed by my side all day. The Turks are not used to seeing Africans. They tend to photograph and pinch their cheeks more. She hid behind me all day. I didn't mind being her body guard!
 No zoo day is complete without a shark picture!
 And we always end our fun with some ice cream.
This is the Pre K class of 2012, minus one boy who was having a post-zoo meltdown, plus one boy who couldn't get enough of the zoo, the ice cream, the photo op's, the fun! (Big Ben!)

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Tara G. said...

You look so natural with that little brood!!!

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