Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day/100th Day at School

Tuesday was not only Valentine's Day, it was the 100th day of school, due to our snow day last week. I know at least our first grade teacher was happy it all fell at once. Fill them up with candy and parties all in one day, then send them home! Here are our Pre-K kids with their 100th day glasses.

We had a little party that afternoon. This year's class is super small. Opening juice boxes, pouring a little popcorn, and passing out muffins was easy! As most of them are just learning English, I helped them read their valentines. They all wanted to know which one was from me. So sweet! They are Gambian, Dutch/Hungarian, Romanian, American, and British/Serbian. Wonderful! All thrown into together learning their English alphabet. 
After our party, we watched Charlie Brown's Valentine special. It brought me much pleasure to see them laughing hilariously at a cartoon from 1975 that I watched when I was little.


Tara G. said...

I often feel bad for our countrymen who have never experienced the beauty of being in a room full of internationals with whom we have relations. It's awesome and reminds me of how small I am!

Anonymous said...

The cartoons we watched as kids are timeless and span all ages and ethnic groups of people, I think. They were wonderful. I have always made a point of seeing that my kids knew who Deputy Dog was!! Ha.

We still watch those wonderful shows. Do you remember Penelope Pitstop? :)


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