Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy birthday, Kosovo!

Once again, a few of us on staff were invited to celebrate Kosovo's birthday! It's a country that's only 4 years old and has won its independence through many difficulties. The Kosovan Ambassador's children attend our school.
 This is an especially wonderful reception because this is the one where my two little girls are invited. The Ambassador's daughters are the exact ages as, and big buds with, my little Sweet Cheeks and Miss Middler.

Here's my beautiful Miss Middler with her Kosovan friend, their Korean friend, and their precious teacher.
And here are the other little first grade darlings with their wonderful (I mean, you could not find a better first grade teacher-kind-of-teacher) teacher Miss B.
The thing about these receptions is that you shake hands with all the important people, then you mingle. Then you go through the buffet line and find amazing food. Then you...stand. No chairs. I knew the little 'uns would just plop down on the floor when it came time to eat. I never even saw my little first grader go through the food line, but I had a feeling, "She'll manage. Some Turk will pinch her cheeks and get her through." And then when I did find her, the drink waiter had cleared his drink table to make a spot for the little princess to eat. (And the mystery of it is, how did she, as an English speaker, get him, a Turkish speaker, to pull such strings for her?)Man, some people really discriminate and give all the special treatment to a select few.

 And to look at this picture, who could blame them?
Happy birthday, Kosovo! We are proud you are represented at our school!


Anonymous said...

I always love to see the pictures of these receptions. Love seeing the girls. So agree with you about Eva. Wonderful experiences and memories. Part of history, also!


Tara G. said...

I just love it!! You look fantastic!

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