Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day, Take 2!

I am certain this year we've had the most days of snow in my 9 winters here. We had yet another day of school called off for snow. I told the girls they needed to do their normal chores, give me one extra way of helping around the house, then they could have free time. Twinkle Toes, so thoughtful of her little siblings, offered to take them out to play in the snow as her extra helping chore. I took her up on it!
Last winter this big boy did not really take to the snow. He's changed his mind this year. He just wants to take his trucks out, fill them with snow, dump out the snow, pretend they are snow plows...(you see the theme here.)
This one doesn't last long in the snow. Why would anyone in their right mind let themselves get overly cold, she wonders? She does have a point.But I made her go out for a little bit anyway, and she had fun.

 There were icicles in the shape of fangs.
I am thankful for the snow. Not only do we get to enjoy its beauty and fun, it assures us we'll have no city water shortages next summer.

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Angie said...

It's been the total opposite around here. We have had less snow this year than any other year that I can remember. I gotta agree with your girlie though. I don't last long in the snow either. I love to look at it but freezing just isn't my thing!!

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