Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Party!

Last night we hosted a party for any staff remaining in Ankara who wanted to get together! 30 folks came over. We had a super time! Everyone brought food, and we made pancakes to 'fill the kids up.' Even so, the food was GONE. As a Southern woman, that should just not happen in my home, and all I can do is hope everyone got their tummies full! For me, it is just a great way to remember that I have family far away, but I have family here, too.


Melanie Keffer said...

A beautful scene . . . . God's goodness can be found everywhere, don't you think? I can't write it here but I am experiencing a similar situation . . . different circumstances but same principal. How can we complain Sara? God is so good to us all!!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!


P. S. As I put the final touches on my sewing room cleanup, I ran across dress patterns that I had for my girls that I know would fit your girls. (Certain styles are never out of style for little girls.) For just a minute I daydreamed and planned each girls' dress . . . The lovely pinafores, the battenburg late trim . . . and of course, matching pants for Benaiah in corduroy.

But God didn't choose to send me to Turkey so I put the patterns away. I can't see the reason why God has so drastically changed my life or what the future holds, but like the song says . . . "Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds my future and I know who holds my hand." Amen.

Unknown said...

I loved the pictures and story. What a happy looking crew! What a neat act of kindness to share-that is what it is supposed to be like. BB has caught up with Judah. I am glad you included that picture. Last night with us was fantastic,so much fun. Allan said on the way home we had not eaten so much since we have been in Franklin. Our tummies were pooched like BB-that stands for Big Boy.

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