Thursday, December 11, 2008


Recently I took Eva to the mall with me to look for a blouse for Mary Erin to wear to her piano recital. She enjoyed roaming a little in the store while I was looking. Then she came to me and said, "Mama, dat dirl has no head. I sink we need to buy her one for Christmas." I snapped the photo to share the laugh with you. I didn't explain why she was headless (because I am actually not sure why mannequins are headless), but I did tell her I thought it was a lovely idea.


Melanie Keffer said...

You know Sara, you have inspired me to get out the camera more. Especially now there are digital photos that can be stored on discs.

Eva is precious. Those are the kind of days I miss with my kids. It certainly digs up a lot of memories when I read your blog.

Do you have nicknames/pet names for your kids? My kids are affectionately called, Lena, Tootsie, Bubba, and Leroy. :)))

Benaiah will probably nickname his sisters as he learns to talk. That is where Kathleen got her name, leen-a.

My little Lena is about to graduate from college. She turned in her graduation papers and ordered her cap and gown. What a day that will be. At the same time she is applying to law school. She is also applying to the University of Caen (France) for the summer. There she hopes to gain her fluency in French, completing eight years of study. She takes her LSAT February 7th. Say a prayer for her if you think of it.

Love you all-

P. S. David is interviewing today for the job we've been praying about. I'll let you know.

SevenSwansaswimming said...

That is too cute! Eva is adorable!

Rachel said...

oh my goodness-that is hilarious-how sweet of her to think that! :)

Rachel said...

yes, i am enjoyihg every minute-she is a doll! benaiah is so sweet-that is hilarious he is that much bigger than she was-when addelyn was 2 1/2 months old-she barely weighed 11 lbs...hee hee! but chubby babies are MUCH cuter than skinny ones :) mine is chunking up now!

Laurie said...

Very cute!!!!!

The Fish Family said...

Too funny!! It is a good question for sure. Love her antennae!!

Katie said...

The girls and I enjoyed this - Julianna said, "Hey,that's my friend!"
Good thing you carry your camera around with you

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