Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Enough

Ok, so I've let Benaiah suffer the embarrassment of the Gremlin photo long enough. Here is the 'other' shot. Although in this one, Eva looks like she is checking out her eyebrows. We are really excited about Christmas around here! Today we are making a run to the Embassy to get Benaiah his Social Security card (will he get benefits by 2072?) and to renew Mary Erin's passport. It is hard to believe she is about to turn 10! All of their baby passports look alike...extremely fat baby with squinty Campbell eyes! But then they are renewed at 5 years old, 10 years old, and 15 years old. I am not quite ready to think about the next renewal. Ross has invited Esther for a lunch date with Dad today, as well. We are also preparing for a party for the staff who remained in Ankara. Christmas week is here! Enjoy!


Melanie Keffer said...

Merry Christmas Campbells!!

This is a very special Christmas this year. We had a wonderful day at church yesterday and have enjoyed making and giving homemade gifts to people we see each week.

Now we are preparing for Granny's visit, trimming the tree, cleaning out the sewing room, rearranging the living room, putting on the red tablecloth, etc . . . And just why are we cleaning the sewing room to get ready for Christmas??? :) The sewing room is a very used room. It contains our 'million' books (We love library sales.), craft supplies and most of all . . . Yarn and crochet thread!! -- Very important room as you can see. Must be clean and available for the hundreds of secret little trips someone will make to wrap last minute surprises, sew up torn this-n-that, or bring to life some creation dreamed up at the last minute.

Also on the list today is a clean room for the boys . . . That is so their granny will not think they are little piglets. ;))

Granny has spent three days cooking and is bringing treats for everyone. We really want her to have a good Christmas this year.

Multiple games of Rook, Canasta, Spades and Risk are occupying the kitchen table in between chores.

G bless all of you there and a very Merry Christmas to you!!

David, Melanie, Kathleen, Karoline, Maverick and Matt

SevenSwansaswimming said...

He looks adorable in the picture! You gotta love those cheeks! That is some good kisses!!!

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