Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Traditions

When a couple becomes a couple, then they have their first holiday, certain decisions must be made. Traditions are such an important part of what makes the day special. Ross and I spent one Christmas in America before heading overseas. When we moved away, we had to figure out exactly what we would do on holidays. Some things we took from his making a birthday cake for Jesus with 3 candles representing the Trinity. Some things we took from my opening presents one at a time and watching others open. Some things we came up with on our own. When we had our first Christmas with our firstborn daughter Mary Erin, Ross grabbed his guitar, and we entered her room to wake her by singing Away In A Manger. It was so dear, so precious, that we have carried on with that tradition. Every year, the youngest one gets to be awoken to our singing. Mary Erin was awoken 1 year, Annika 2 years, then Esther and Eva both had it 3 years. Now little Benaiah was awoken to our song this morning (He had already been up for his first breakfast, this was before his second breakfast at 9:30am!) I told the girls, "I guess if he is our last baby, we'll be singing to him for 18 years!" Then we all had a good laugh about how he'd be big with muscles and a deep voice, and about how they'd all be coming to see us and bringing their babies who would call him Uncle Ben. I think after tolerating 4 big sisters all his life, he'll be used to things like being serenaded, don't you? I'd love to hear your unique holiday traditions! Post a comment for me.

With this, I am signing off for a week. We are heading to Ephesus, a place rich in Biblical history, and a few degrees warmer! We woke to our first big snow of the year. Jesus sent us a present on His birthday, it seemed. In the right photo, Esther is dressed in pj's and her snow boots. Ross took them down to the grocer on our bottom floor to get something for my stocking, which was empty as of 8am! The left photo is a picture of our breakfast table. We opted for Turkish breakfast this year. Have a very Merry Christmas in Jesus. No gift can compare to Him! (I realize we are on about 5 different keys in the video below. I didn't want to ruin the moment to stop and start over!)


Melanie Keffer said...

Well, this year is about to end and we will all be moving forward into what God has in store for us. I have to repeat the thank you's for the enjoyment I have gotten out of reading your blog these last few weeks and thanks for enduring my comments!!!

Every tradition at our house was broken this year because we are unemployed. "All things became new!" The most important thing was we enjoyed being together. We met some extraordinary people, or maybe we just noticed for the first time the good that lies in every person if you look for it. God brought David and I to tears more than once through the unselfish attitudes displayed by our kids. I have never been so proud of them as I have this year.

My mother was at my house and not alone at Christmas like she has been since my dad passed away. Another blessing.

We also sang all types of Christmas music and Karoline sang for Granny. One song ran through my head the entire week. I would wake up singing it . . .

"God bless us everyone,
The good and the bad,
The happy and sad."

All I could do was ask God to bless this world and then I realized that He had! "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son . . . " That was the ultimate blessing and what love it was!

Love to you all,
Melanie Keffer

P. S. Going to Ephesus would be a real treat . . . . Ahh, another one of those perks Sara. :)

Greg and Allison then came Four said...

That was the sweetest video! It made me cry! So precious.

Kelly said...

I love how little B is stretching and listening - so sweet!
I think it's kind of neat that ya'll are off in a foreign country and can just have your own traditions with your own family. And with all your beautiful children - I know they are making memories they will never forget!
So neat that you get to celebrate Christmas by going to places in the Bible - not everyone gets to do that!

The Fish Family said...

I don't think I knew about the song on Cmas morning. What a great and unique tradition! And what a sweet little blue boy being woken up. Give that sweetie a kiss from his Auntie!!!

Michele said...

The girls said, "Is that us??"

Hope you had a blessed Christmas, my friend!

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