Monday, October 13, 2014

Greeting Greece: Shipping Out

I could not get over how the whole ship was just like a floating hotel! You could get into the interior of this 9 level ship and forget you were on a boat. We had a safety seminar first...bringing our life jackets, trying them on, and ensuring that we knew where our "station" would be in the event of an emergency. I am normally fairly safety conscious (I am the girl who drafted fire escape routes for our family because the visiting fireman at school suggested we needed one.), but I did not get into the seminar nearly as much as the Korean group you see behind me, who actually turned on their flashing lights (activated by water), and blew their whistles. I was far more concerned that I might not be able to breathe in the smallness of our cabin than I was about going overboard.

Soon, the fog horn sounded and we started moving. We felt movement the most when shipping out and docking. Here's a shot of the carrier as we moved away. We met a Mexican-American on the ship's staff (in charge of scheduling island excursions) who was moved by the US military ship to the point of tears, as he thought of his cousins who are enlisted. We refrained from singing God Bless America, but we wanted to!

My shameless selfies began. What can I say? Remember...first time cruise, first time Greece!

Our first stop was the island of Patmos! I could not contain my excitement! I teach Bible! I just introduced the Gospel of John! He LIVED here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yep! Patmos would definitely be an experience. My mind starts with that little tune (you remember how I am a southern gospel girl) . . . . "They put the prophet John out on the isle to die, but he had a good connection with The Man up in the sky . . . " ha!

Oh, well. That would have been great!


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