Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greeting Greece: Greek Show and Buffet Breakfast

The cruise ship had nightly shows. Though it made us stay up WAY past our bedtime, we decided to take them in and get the full experience.

The first night they had a show presented by Greeks in traditional costumes. I loved it!

The gals were so feminine and flower-adorned.

The guys did this dance that reminded me of CC's Russian dance he occasionally breaks out into!

And when we got back to our cabin, our maid had folded our towels into this. So cute! She was selling a "Towel Art" book for a few euros. I knew Sweet Cheeks would have a ball with it, so her souvenir was chosen.

The next morning was breakfast, by far my favorite meal. Bacon! Sausage! Waffles!

Here's L!

Here's H!

And here's another towel art the next morning! (The maid benefitted from the purchase of the book, so we got extra special creations!)

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Anonymous said...

How cute! This made me think Dave and I need to take a cruise! Yes, we do!


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