Thursday, October 30, 2014

Greeting Greece: Boarding Again

We left Santorini as the sun was setting. I was so very thankful CC had gotten me this camera, which uses no flash (unless I attach one). Due to its design, it does not need one at twilight. I loved this early evening picture I took as we walked back through town.

L, due to her needing a crutch, was moved to the front of the queue to ride the cable car back down. H and I waited in line. I quickly discovered H's fear of heights as we began the descent down. It was a quick 2 minutes, straight down!

This picture I shot when we got off the cable car. It was taken with only moonlight as its light source.

I wanted to get a shot of our cable car before we got back on our tender boat.

Looked like Bethlehem to me!

And this towel monkey with a shower cap diaper greeted us!

Soon we were cruising away from this beautiful place.

As I wrote earlier, the ship had nightly shows. On this Sunday night, they had proposed a passenger talent show. Only 1 group signed up, a man and his daughter. They began by explaining that for them, Sunday was a holy day, a day to worship. And in that moment, I knew the Lord had once again given me a reminder that He is present everywhere. His people are throughout the world, ever testifying to His work in their hearts. They sang two beautiful praise songs, and the three of us heartily sang along. It was a highlight of the trip for me.


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! Is it ever! Ross has me sold on that camera!


Nancie McClintock said...

Oh Sara, I too love the evening pictures of the churches. I wonder when I will have a chance to go to some of the Greek islands to have a first hand experience!

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