Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greeting Greece: Santorini II

We had a quick few hours on the island. I could have stayed much longer...days, even. But we walked quickly...saw beautiful churches and bells....
 ...the homes of the wealthy (our tour guide told us Angelina Jolie has a home up here...when she hears Angie's in town, she always makes sure to be out and about in case AJ sends Brad out for the bread...ha!)...

....beautiful architecture...

We got to be there as the sun set.

I wore my blue/white shirt so I could blend in!

I was so happy to see Bougainvillea, so prevalent in Singapore.

I have read that when the Ottomans took over Greece, they were forbidden to fly their flags. So, as an act of defiance, they painted their homes blue and white. Others say that the houses originally were not painted white, but white-washed, and cools the homes in the summer. Blue resembles the beautiful sky and water around them. Whatever the reason, it was uniform and beautiful.

We had taken a bus up, walked around, then would bus it back down to a cable car, which shot us literally straight down to the port. Heights don't bother me at all. It was just that little interior cruise cabin....!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Greece! I love that country and it's food!


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