Monday, October 27, 2014

Greeting Greece: Santorini I

We got back to our boat, and stumbled upon this fruit carving competition by the staff chefs.

As we pulled up to Santorini, it seemed very much to me like Cappadocia, here in Turkey. Both were formed from volcanic rock and ash, so that would make sense.

The white caps in the distance seemed like snow. However, they were the famous white houses of this island. We took a little tender boat to the island. I was jostled on the tender boat, but waited until I could get the Greek flag unfurled.

I really like the seaport look of these islands.

This island was unlike anything I'd ever seen. This mime was entertaining the crowds.

Though I realize many inhabitants on this island may have never found the relationship with Christ that I treasure, it still blessed me to see their beautiful churches and reminded me to pray that He would reveal Himself to any who truly seek Him.

The insides were ornate and beautiful.

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