Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big Ben's Big Day Part III

We had to get all these cute kids across a busy street to the mall. We had our big kids interspersed throughout, but still it felt very much like a military helicopter, where you are shoving them out yelling, "Go! Go! Go!"

The pizza place was very accommodating. I even handed them my iced cake, smooshed in the car, and they fixed my icing for me. The kids at the party were from American, Nigeria, Slovakia, and Korea. And they could put away some pizza!

At the end of our time, I gave the waiter my candles...6 white candles with a pack of candles that spelled "Happy Birthday" in English, each letter being its own little stick candle. Most Turks speak some English. Surely they would know, "Happy Birthday." And soon, they came out with my cake pre-cut, each slice bearing a little candle for each little person. It was the cutest! Random h's and p's and b's for everyone! Everyone got to blow out a candle. The girls and I saw them coming, realized what had happened, and laughed. It was awesome!

As we sat outside, a man passed by who said, "Where are all these kids from?!" I told him. He said he worked for UNICEF and loved seeing all these kids together. I thought that was really neat.
I also think Big Ben is really neat, and I am so thankful for good friends and a sweet husband/kids to help me pull this off! Happy 6th!


Tara G. said...

I've waited for this post all day! :) Happy Birthday to you little guy!

Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely darling group! How could you resist having a party . . . .? Ha.

Thanks for sharing a sweet birthday.


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