Sunday, October 12, 2014

Greeting Greece: Port Send Off/ Salute to the US Military

Ready to board our ship, we came up upon our port in Kusadasi.

There at the port is a castle built in the early 1800's. I would later explore it upon our return, but did not have time that morning.

After we passed through security and came out to the Aegean Sea front, we watched this beautiful aircraft carrier drift in to dock.

And quickly we realized it was a US ship with all branches of the US military upon it.

For these 3 American girls, far from our US home, it was like a gift neatly wrapped and presented to us by God. It was hard to pull ourselves away to board our own ship. We found out later it was the USS Bataan, finishing a 9 month tour, preparing to return to the US. We were able to tell a couple of soldiers thank you and "I'm praying for you."

When I saw our cruise ship, I was very shocked at how big it was. I was expecting something much smaller and not as nice.

After we boarded, we went up to the top to watch the carrier again, this time seeing the US flag raised up!

It was massive. I can't even describe it.

Soon, we would ship out, wave to our military, get some waves back, and be ready for our big adventure!


Anonymous said...

Your whole story was worth this. My one and only nephew is currently training on Parris Island and my son is about to leave for USCG bootcamp. We just finished a conversation about what our Flag means to him now, and what it means to our family as we are about to invest our most precious treasure so that flag can continue to represent freedom around the world. More than ever, as we face tremendous challenges here at home, and as our freedoms are being assaulted, do we appreciate what it costs for that Flag to fly.

Kathleen told me that never in her life had she felt what she felt when she saw the American Flag flying on foreign soil (Normandy) for the first time.

Because Matt's precious little girlfriend is a 'Navy child' she can take Matt out to Norfolk where she recently took him to see the U.S.S. Enterprise. He was awed, just as you were, and as we all would be. He also talked about how big it was.

Well Sara, my eyes are wet now. :) I may tease you (and it is strictly teasing) about not taking a long time to post but know that I very much appreciate your sharing these personal stories. They are a blessing and very enjoyable to read.

God Bless America!


Sara Campbell said...

Mel, I tried to call my dad when I saw it, I was so overwhelmed. It was 2AM for him! The call would not go through. I prayed for the men and women on this ship and will pray for your son, too!

Tara G. said...

I'm pretty sure you TOTALLY made their day!

Sara Campbell said...

Tara, I thought of you that day and your selfless sacrifice!

Anonymous said...

How awesome to get to see them (and encourage them!). And yes, I was just on this same cruise at the beginning of September, so fun!

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