Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Night and Flying Away

We found a little slice of time where everyone could be present despite football back-to-school camps, work commitments, and all the other things that creep in as August rolls around. My mom really needed a new family picture to include all the grandkids, and I knew just the girl with a new camera to take it!

 Here's my mom and dad, I love this picture.

Here's me and cute hubs.

My brother's family....bigger and better now!

Here's a picture of all of us. My kids look so grown up!

Here is the whole group of 19...and counting? 

And here we are being weird. Yes, I know my daughter's underwear is showing, but we have laughed about it too many times not to put it on the blog.

And then the morning came to leave. We filled up on eggs and doughnuts, headed to the airport, weighed luggage and repacked, left some things behind, presented our passports and boarding passes, and were off. I was flagged for an individual thorough security check, apart from my family, which was stressful. Perhaps they think any woman attempting to fly with such cute kids must be up to something. We have narrowed down the reasons as we've researched and talked to others. It seems many folks like us are getting flagged, for the sheer reason that we are flying in and out of the Middle East.

But the Middle East is home. The goodbyes are the WORST part, but the Lord gave me this sunset upon my return to remind me He is here, too. Thank you, all, for the wonderful summer! I am refreshed.


Tara G. said...

These are great!! And, really, let's just be glad she had underwear on, right?!?

Angie said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family

Anonymous said...

What a great story this summer has been between your blog and your SIL. Your blog is my favorite virtual novel, and that is saying a lot because I refuse to go Kindle! Ha.

Sara, life is an adventure. Each day is a new chapter. Because my family seems to be facing an unusual amount of upheaval this year, I have told them not to look back. Remember Lot's wife. Don't look at what you are leaving behind but rather look forward at what lies ahead. There are new memories to be made. None of us can make time stand still. Don't I know that one! Ha. (Dave and I are just one young person short of an empty nest this year.)

For me, I cannot look back because there are too many tears over my shoulder . . . Missing my kids, etc. But forward, oh my, the great things God is doing! Nothing but smiles. Same with you.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story this summer. Almost makes me want to blog . . . Almost, but not quite. Haha.

Love to all of you,

Psst . . . Don't tell anyone but I think a certain young woman, whose name I won't mention but she shares a name with Sweet Cheeks, has met her guy . . . It's still just a touch early to predict but if I were a betting person . . . He is such a perfect match to her. Nobody but God could have done this. He is also a lawyer like her, something she really wanted.

And, on top of that, my baby just might have met his perfect mate . . . Something we have prayed for since he was a little boy . . . Just as perfect as his sister's answer to prayer. He is about to leave for boot camp (Coast Guard).

The other two are still single but their adventures are equally amazing, one is stepping out on the opera stage and the other is in the central part of the state pursuing his baseball career, supposedly getting an education at the same time . . Haha. I laugh about that.

Take care.

Sara Campbell said...

I love you all commenting! It blesses me!!!!

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