Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of 2014!

Here are my precious kids! (Bear with to put these in the record each year!)

Sometimes I wonder how I can be so blessed.

Here's my handsome (only) son, entering 1st grade. He was especially intrigued by the machine his teacher has, which projects anything under it, up onto the screen. (I subbed in there one day and discovered my coffee cup being projected up on the screen, whoops!) Everything has changed this year...he gets his own 1/2 of a locker, he sits at a desk, he has homework! His teacher rocks. She runs marathons, is a techno-genious, always patient.

Here's my sweet "last rose" as they say in Turkish...the last daughter. She finished up 3rd grade with me and is launching into 4th with a new teacher. She is going to have a great year! This past week, she came running to me and out of breath, exclaiming, "Mama! I get to be a library helper this year!" Don't you love this age? Her teacher is my good buddy, extremely organized. I've launched her into good hands!

This sweet baby started Secondary. She was 18 months old when we moved here and learned within a week that she could bounce high enough in her springy crib to almost propel herself out. Now she's changing classes and getting books out of a locker. You can tell the sunlight is different in her picture. Hmmm...someone was up earlier and dressed for school first!

Daughter #2 starts 8th grade. How can this be happening? Same sweet heart, but the little body and pigtails are gone and have been replaced!

My firstborn was not quite ready for her first day picture, so I assured her I would find her at school and get it. It was all a fun, dramatic scene. She asks if we can just get this over with, her friends say it's so sweet that your mom wants your picture. And all I can think is....Kindergarten...I taught her in can I be down to 3 more years??? !!! I pinch back the tears and ask the Lord to lengthen the days.

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Tara G. said...

Girl, pull out the whole album! I'll look at it with you! These are precious!

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