Friday, September 12, 2014

Meanwhile....While We Were Away

While we were gone on our retreat, the kids stayed alone. Of course, I did not FB or blog this at the time. It was the first time they'd ever stayed alone. My good friend T was right down the street, ready to be Mama at any need they had. She blessed me so much by picking my kids up each day and taking them to the base so they could attend/help with VBS. She had them for dinner, too, so Firstborn just had to get them breakfast, lunch, and squared away at bedtime. She house was perfect when we returned. I was speechless. The girls worked together and did a great job. When I came home, I asked if they were scared at all. All I got was, "Wow, Mama, your sleeping in your bedroom is a LOT cooler than ours!" (No AC and the upstairs is hotter!)

Here are the kids doing the motions to one of the cool VBS songs.

This year all 3 of my older girls qualified to be workers. Twinkle Toes was happy to help with a preschool class. Miss Midd and Firstborn were on the worship team.

Here is their team of 4 song leaders. When we moved here 11 years ago, Firstborn was deeply feeling the effects of leaving 'home' (Singapore). She was the only one old enough to go to VBS, and I took her each day. She was scared and cried when I dropped her off. It was a full-circle, thank-You-Lord, for all He has done in her life to see her up there in charge of the worship for all the kids. She didn't cry a bit. :)
VBS comes at the perfect time...the week before school starts, when all the kids are rolling in and needing to remember how to get up on time after summer! It was a blessing to me, too, to be able to leave them in good hands while we were gone.

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