Monday, September 15, 2014

Henna! A first for us!

My 2 older girls were invited to a birthday-day-over for a sweet homeschooled friend. Her mom was in the US, putting her first daughter in college. I had seen the mom at church, told her I was praying for her and that I was just right behind her in the process and had admired the courage she had in all of it. She cried. Sigh. It's not easy launching them.

So, while she was away, the next daughter had a birthday. Dad was caring for the kids...they have around 8 or so. He offered to cook dinner for her friends (girls said it was delicious!) He allowed her to invite friends over, and the next thing you know, they'd come up with the idea of doing a henna party. Disclaimer: HENNA is not a tattoo! In the middle east, it is used to decorate a bride on her wedding day or for a special occasion. It is a symbol of her joy. It is said, "Where there is joy, there is henna." It is a natural dye that can be painted onto skin in beautiful designs. It usually lasts a couple of weeks. I knew Papa would not say yes unless I put a good spin on we approached it from the "very temporary" standpoint, the "cultural standpoint", the "girls just having fun, no harm" standpoint. And he agreed!

I thought they made beautiful designs.

And for whatever reason, it only lasted a couple of days. But it was fun while it lasted!

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B.Y.S. said...

I have Henna done a couple of times especially before weddings, the first time was before my brother and sister-in-law's wedding 11 years ago then my Mom and I had it done in India in May 2014 before my sister-in-law's brother's wedding but it lasted 2 weeks or more though since there is a way you can make it last a long time. It's a tradition for all the women to have their hands done, the bride gets her hands, arms and feet done and while the bride still has the Henna on, she doesn't have to do any housework during those 2 weeks it is still visible.


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