Friday, September 5, 2014

Accent Piece

We decided for Firstborn and Sweet Cheek's room to update the look a little. She has kacki walls with one dark brown accent wall. Her brown furniture looks great, but we wanted to add a splash of blue. So I painted her night stand this fun color, scratched it all up and roughed up the edges and top, then stained it with a walnut stain. This time antiquing worked perfectly! I think I paid $50 for 2 solid wood dressers and this night stand. I think I could sell this nightstand for more than that now! (Most of us buy everything used when people move, which is how I scored that deal.) It truly looks (up close anyway) like I bought it at an antique store. Her papa bought her this fun trendy bedside lamp to give it a little teen fun. I am so glad I invested the time to do it, because I am really pleased with the updates! My next project is to antique an old dresser in my den with a shocking red!!! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm getting inspired to get moving on my projects!


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