Thursday, September 4, 2014

Room Transformation....Mostly With Elbow Grease

My middle girls and I had talked about doing something to transform their rooms from a little girl room to a teen room. I found these beautiful gray and lilac quilts on sale here in Turkey and got them. But we still wanted to try something new. I knew that if I didn't tackle a project right upon our return, it might not happen very quickly. So, while jet lagged, we took their room apart, painted all the furniture creamy white (several coats), then scratched it all up to look antiqued. The plan was for us to stain the scratches (I was coached in all this by my friend T.) 

Once I began putting the stain on, we all agreed that it seemed to turn the white to a yellow. I am sure some of it had to do with technique (lack of), but we decided to just keep it scratchy. We loved it! And that meant we were DONE after 3 coats on both beds, drawers under the beds, a dresser with drawers, a wooden chair, and 2 wardrobes (no closets here, remember we are in Narnia)....all while I was falling asleep on America time! It was a perfect way to stay awake! We just kept chugging sweet tea and painting! 

We are so happy with the final product! It took a lot of elbow grease, but I only spent about $40 on supplies. They seem to be keeping their room picked up better now! 


Anonymous said...

Okay . . . I'm ashamed to admit I've been in the same process with the boys' room for about four months . . . I am transistioning their room from teen room to guest room/their room when they are home.

Gotta get moving!! I like the furniture painting idea and am thinking of black . . .

Sara, want a thought or idea? Thought . . . Separate the wardrobes right where they are, put a bench/seating between them and put the girls' mirror over the bench . . . Woolah! More color, extra place to sit, won't look so squished yet won't really take anymore space . . . You can even store in/under the bench!

I love the wardrobes! Wish I was there and I'd help make curtains, pillows, doo-dad's, etc. . . . .


Kelli said...

Great job, ladies! I'll have to remember that trick for our next jet-lag... Falling asleep? Re-do a room!

Nancie McClintock said...

Hey! Beautiful work, Ladies! What an amazing transformation from "before" to "after"!! Now when can you come over and do mine?

Angie said...

That is quite a transformation for just $40.00. It really made it look so much more chic!

Elizabeth said...

Wow!! I am impressed! Their room is adorable!

I have a wardrobe that I want to paint, but don't know exactly where to do it. It's not like we have a garage or backyard! Ha! Where did you do your painting?

Also, what type of paint did you buy?

Sara Campbell said...

Elizabeth, we just painted it in their room with some big trash bags underneath. It wasn't perfect, we certainly had some mess ups on the rug. We did take all drawers out to the balcony. We could not move the wardrobes, they were too heavy, so we just pulled them out as far as we could. I bought it at Bauhaus...brand was Polysan Elegans and the colour was dogal bej (natural beige). Let me know if you try it!! I am looking forward to doing the red...the rest of my den is all neutral. I have some leftover paint from my 1 kitchen wall that is red. Mel, I love your suggestion! I might see what the girls think of doing that! Yes, please come make curtains!!! Nancie, I want YOU to come over and redecorate my house!!!

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