Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wrapping Up Summer! Getting' To...

Gettin' to...spend time with family.

...have special alone days with grandparents.

...make memories. a Lexus?!

...get away from the busy-ness of life and reconnect. with Grandad.

...try on a bridesmaid dress your mom wore. your cousin's beautiful wedding dress, take a picture of a picture to remember it, then find out you can have it when it's your turn to marry one day. on a church mission project with your old third grade teacher (only God). 

...sing 80's rock while eating a Sonic half price shake. body pyramids.

...that include everyone around!

....try on your winter ball dress that made it in the mail exactly 1 day before you had to leave (and have your sweet cousin take a picture of every conceivable way to tie it!) and fall in love with your new cousins. (love the color contrasts!) 

...celebrate the birthday of someone you love in Turkey together in America.

...make desserts with blueberries! reminded that God's promises follow you everywhere. 


Anonymous said...

The best post of all! Reminding me of Gods wonderful blessings, time spent with family.


Angie said...

Beautiful summer wrap up!

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