Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spotted in our neighborhood

(Insert Samford and Son theme song here.)


Tara G. said...

Ha!! I have a similar photo from our time in Istanbul and I thought the same thing!!!!

Rachel said...

Are you sure you guys aren't in Nigeria? Also, that tune will now be stuck in my head.

Melanie Keffer said...

Love you Sara. Just wanted to tell you. I have had a warm spot in my heart for you since the day Kathleen came home talking about her 'beautiful Miss Fish.' I've told you that story many times, I know. But over the years of reading the life you share so publically, I think I am even more fond of you than ever before.

I feel like I personally know your children, Ross, your parents and your brother's family - all those you write about, though they would not know me if they passed me on the street. :)

God truly bless you for the light you are and the joy you bring to others.

Your Sister In C,
Melanie K.

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