Thursday, October 17, 2013

Passport to Purity Part II

After our delish breakfast (bacon!), we went back to our room and finished up the 5th and final CD in the course. We decided Firstborn could wait and sign her contract, based on her own convictions before the Lord, when we would meet her Papa for dinner that night.
We checked out of the hotel and went to an activity of her choosing....a trip out to IKEA. Any readers have an IKEA near you? It's a Swedish home, fun, fun. You feel like you are walking through a magazine.

Even the toys are fun!

Papa, would this rug work by our bed?

We took some pictures of stuff we could make ourselves...just to get the idea.

We had Swedish meatballs for lunch, then decided we were ready to go. You really and truly never know what you will stumble upon in Turkey. That day it was a giant walking bowling pin. I insisted on getting Firstborn's picture with him. (or her?)

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