Friday, October 18, 2013

Passport to Purity Part III

One last stop together before we met Papa for dinner... I wanted some new pictures of Firstborn with the beautiful fall colors we are seeing in our neighborhood.

I made her's not fake.

She's a beautiful girl, inside and out!

Papa took us to Big Chefs. Firstborn exclaimed, "Is this what you all do on your date nights?! This is really nice!" She and I split some fajitas. Her dad talked to her about standards, dating, what to look for in a mate, that he wants to chat with her dates before they go out. (Fair warning, guys!)  We even got into how to ditch a date if she needed to! (She may be 1/2 way across the world from us when she starts going out with guys...we wanted to cover all our bases!)
 And then she signed her commitment card.
Papa gave her a purity ring with her birthstone, just to serve as a reminder that we, all 3, believe she deserves God's very best for her future. 


Anonymous said...

Some great guy, some day will commit to your lovely first born as well as your other special ladies in the house! I love your family!

Melanie Keffer said...

How nice for you to share this. I oohed, I aahed, giggled and just outright laughed, remembering Kathleen and her transition into womanhood, my talks with her, and David's.

What I laughed at was thinking of how all parents are the same, though we sometimes go about it differently. David was downright hilarious when it came his turn to talk to each one of our young people. He always assumed I had covered the spiritual side thoroughly, so he felt they needed a little practical advice. I always loved what he said to them because besides being right, David has such a no-nonsense approach to everything. I just never heard things put quite the way he would explain them. :)

Mary Erin is very beautiful and I can see how proud you are of her . . . I always relate. :)

I also have to say that is one phase of parenting, I am glad I have passed through! Ha. (Something you also will probably be saying after you do this four more times!)


Tara G. said...

Sara, I'm all teary eyed! Special memories and just a beautiful testimony! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

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