Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saltwater ecosystem

Sweet Cheeks' teacher (me) assigned an ecosystem project. She chose saltwater. CC and I agreed that this year he would be the sole project man. It would just be too weird to help her with the project knowing the rubric by which it would be graded. I do quiz her for tests, but I only stick to the study guide given to all the students.

I envisioned something totally different than what they created. They researched the 4 levels of the ocean, then he had her color two pieces of paper with a layered look. I had my doubts. Honey, she should paint it. He eyed me and said, "Are you advising any of your other students what to do?" no. "Trust me."

He had her gather trinkets and animals from around the house, as well as seashells from our wonderful winter weeks spent at the coast. A snake turned into a sea serpent. A dinosaur turned into a rotting skeleton at the bottom of the ocean. Miss Middler found a barrel and a lone flipper for her to add to the sunken treasures. Remembering how much fun she had with this project in third grade, Miss Midder helped her sister make a clam and stick a pearl bead inside. Sweet Cheeks was to create a food chain, which she incorporated right into the project. Algae-fish-man-shark. (She explained in Asia they eat Shark Fin Soup. Her Chinese friend confirmed this.)

Her project was darling. She was so proud. CC is the best dad ever. And all I had to do was display and grade it!


Tara G. said...

She is seriously so darling. I would have given her an A just for being cute! :)

Rachel said...

Nathan is strictly the project person in our house. I supervise homework but I'm just not cut out for building and researching.

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