Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Ben's Big Party

We let Big Ben have his first ever friend party this year. We had heard never to invite more friends than years the birthday child is turning. We decided to ignore that. Instead, we invited all the boys in his class, as well as a K4 friend (the only boy in that class) and a 1st grade friend (who he plays with after school every day). And he had to have his beloved lifelong friend (a girl) L.

I was in charge of food and decorations. I kept it simple...a little banner, some monster truck printouts. The food would be popcorn, chips, cake/ice cream, and Fanta. CC was in charge of games. I was fairly certain that his game plan for games had not quite come together as the party started. We had a Monster Truck theme. So, CC set up the oldie, but goodie...."Put the cotton ball in the bowl with a spoon" game. He told them they were monster trucks, shoveling up some stuff, like monster trucks do. He let L go first, since she was the only lady. She did a marvelous job. The only problem was that the cotton ball game, which had worked for years at our girls' parties, did not keep the interest of any of the waiting boys. Soon, there were in a big heap wrestling on our den rug.

Quickly, the sisters came up with a plan and started them playing Duck Duck Goose. It worked. 

It worked so well, that when our girls started to head out of the door (they were promised a couple hours at the park with friends while we hosted the kids' party), CC BEGGED them not to leave! 

Panic set in. He ran to our bedroom and set up another game we have played in past years. We stuck one sister behind our door, threw a sheet over the door, and let the party-goers fish for prizes. It was a hit! While some fished, CC helped others play a driving wii game. Divide and conquer. 

I'll just go on record as saying, I think I'd like to have this little boy. I've not yet met his parents. As he is an African Embassy kid, he has a personal driver. I asked the driver once if he was adoptable. He said no. :)

Here are the fabulous party-goers! 

Soon it was time for cake and ice cream. We'd survived "Game Hour."

At about 10 minutes until parent pick up, CC and I smiled at each other. We'd almost made it!

Big Ben had the time of his life. When it comes right down to it, that's all the matters!


Tara G. said...

Laughing so hard that he begged the big sisters not to go!! Ok, I will go on record saying that boy parties, while hilariously fun, are on a completely different spectrum than girl parties and they wipe me out. After last year's, I decided this fall's boy party will be outside!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious! Sisters to the rescue!

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