Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

In spite of our extra day at the Chicago airport, we made it in time for Day 2 of our swim lessons. We were pleased to find these beautiful girls in our class again. I became friends with their mom two years ago while our kids had swim lessons together. She is a precious believer and gave me some cd's from a Christian conference she recently attended.

Big Ben had perfect diving stance for his jumps into the pool!

On the last day, his Papa got to get in the pool with him to learn a few techniques to help him. Big Ben never lost his grin and never took his eyes off his dad.

Again, perfect stance...
 ...for this!
I somehow deleted my photos of Sweet Cheeks, but she really took off in swimming this year, as did her cousin buddy. Maybe we're done with swim lessons for her? As for Big Ben, he sealed his fate for more swim lessons in the future last Friday night. He stood on the diving board with a big float around his tummy. His dad said, "Let's take that off, jump off the diving board, and swim to Papa!" His reply was, "If I take the float off, it makes me kinda sink."


Anonymous said...

Swim lessons are great . . . Unfortunately, or fortunately . . . Whichever way you look at it, I was raised by an old fashioned fellow who was pitched in a creek by his grandfather at an early age, grabbed hold of his collie's tail who had jumped in after him, and thus learned to swim.

His grandfather was my dad's idol and quite a man. He was also a full blooded German man and the first generation of his family born in America. Just to give you an idea.

Guess how I learned to swim? Guess how my kids learned to swim ? . . All I can say is thank you Lord for that fearless German blood in all my children! :). I am not sure what I would have done had anyone shown fear. You just didn't do that with Daddy. Ha.

Daddy was our protector and we were never afraid with him. You always knew he wouldn't let you be harmed in any way. I am sure that had a lot to do with why my kids weren't scared. You also didn't question anything he said. He was much like the German grandfather that raised him.

So, there is our experience learning to swim. A side note is my dad later took courses and became a certified lifeguard as a young man, just like my son has . . .

I will forever be fond of learning to swim in a creek holding on to your dog's tail. :)


Nancie Mcclintock said...

Love the melt your heart smile of Big Ben in the photo! Continue to pray for the best summer yet, in all ways, for you guys!

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