Friday, July 5, 2013


Jackie is a long time friend of mine, but I haven't seen her in about 9 years. We stay in touch via all the electronic gadgets, but there's nothing quite like a face-to-face-let's-meet type meeting. Jackie came into my life at an important time. I had finished college and moved away from my college town. I had become a grown-up. Working. Paying my own bills. Buying a car. She was in my church's singles group. I immediately loved her spirit and honesty. There is nothing fake about Jackie. Once, we took a road trip together. I remember she threw about 9 cd's in her car's cd holder and said, "We'll be to Florida when these cd's finish!" She was a listening ear when I told her about my new crush (CC) and when I wondered aloud if I'd ever become a Mrs. Campbell. During that same time, she met and married her dear husband and I served her wedding cake. She's just a fun gal, and everyone needs a friend like her. She has backed us since day 1 of Singapore and now Turkey. I really am beyond blessed to have a friend like her.

She is a little out of town, and we just never made "lunch" happen during the busy weeks of summer when we are actually in the USA. The last time I saw her, neither of us had these children. It was so neat to talk about how their little lives came into our lives.

There's just nothing like a friend with whom you pick up where you left off. And I'm planning to pick up every summer from now on!

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