Thursday, July 25, 2013


While in Memphis, we enjoyed seeing some friends and getting to spend time with them. We got to enjoy dinner with the Lundy's, the family who helped us start the school in Turkey. They moved back to the US last year, and we miss them so much.

Big Ben found a buddy in their son Adam, home from university. I remember Adam when he was a little guy...

We were graciously given a home to stay in out in Arlington, just outside of Memphis. This family has hosted us several years now. It is such a blessing to us! Do your kids' pajamas match in the summer? Ours don't.

 It's a very kid-friendly house with a pool, pets, and 4 wheelers. And a laid back family willing to let us crash there!

Miss Middler
 Friend Megan

I also had a girls' night out with my Ouachita Baptist University buddies Kim and Laurie. I have so much fun with them! They honestly shave about 20 years off my life in a matter of minutes. Thanks for coming to see me!


Tara G. said...

I finally just bought my son a pack of larger boxers and a pack of plain white shirts- cheap pajamas.

Laurie said...

Best time I have had in a long time! I always love being around you and Kim.

whimzie said...

You beautiful OBU girls haven't changed a bit!

I sure would love to see you, Sara Fish!

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