Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th

The 4th of July was just perfect for me! I've been overseas sometimes on the 4th, and we have always worked hard to make it special, but it's just a lot easier here.

I went out walking and greeted everyone I saw with a "Happy 4th!" We are blessed to be staying at CC's sis' house this week. His parents came over, and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I threw some baked beans in the oven and made my mom's blueberry crumble. I even put red cherries on top for red/white/blue, but my blueberries turned a beautiful shade of purple when baked. I think the kids were in the pool all day.

My in-laws came over and spent the afternoon and evening with us. CC even recited the beginning of the Declaration of Independence aloud for us. And though our country is continually turning its back on God and He really owes us nothing, He is still so good, isn't He? "The righteous will not be forsaken." I am glad because of Him I can be called "righteous" and I am glad because of who He is, I will not be forsaken.

I quote CC in this picture, "Is this going on Facebook?"
Happy 4th of July!

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Rachel said...

I think celebrating the 4th overseas is very hard. I think it's one of my favorite holidays and soo much more enjoyable with family. Glad you all are enjoying your summer.

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