Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lake Fun

These two Spring Chicks went to my dad's high school reunion in Murfreesboro. We told them not to be out too late!
 And we took the kids out on the lake. Miss Middler wanted to try the wakeboard.
 She needed balance to ride this. I really think a lot of her playing around with gymnastics helped her. She popped right up and was able to start crossing the wakes.

 Twinkle Toes wanted to try it too. I am so happy they have learned these water sports (and are confident to try them) at such a young age.

Though this is the most exhausting for the driver of the boat, it's the favorite.

 And we finished the day out with kneeboards. Firstborn loves to do this with her cousin.

 It was a fun day on the lake, and we are thankful to get to have these fun memories with family!

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