Friday, October 31, 2008

Mr. Wake Up

Annika is in 2nd grade now. Last week they were studying about consumers and producers. Her unit project was to be a 'producer' and make something to sell to her class. We told her the best inventions are made out of a need someone has. She decided one of her biggest needs is help getting out of bed in the morning. So, she took a tin tray and made it into a bed, then cut out a little man called "Mr. Wake Up". Ross showed her how to use a paint stirrer and duct tape to make a lever that would flip her bed up. Mr. Wake Up can lie (not lay!) on his pillow and when it is time to get up, the bed flips up and he slides down into his pants, ready for the day. Ross wanted to order one, but I was opposed. I don't generally get up exactly when Ross does and the last thing I want is to slide down into my pants at 6am. Annika is taking orders.


Kelli said...

How adorable and CREATIVE! Wow, I'm impressed. THat's one thing my girls are missing in their school here is creative projects and assignments. We could definitely use a Mr. Wake up in our house! Your blog is beautiful by the way- where did you and Cassie get your backgrounds? I tried that site Amy sent us but it's down indefinitely...

Michele said...

That is so cute and clever and funny! I could send our marching band over - for some reason my girls favorite time of the day to get out their instruments is at 6am. I love the creativity of their music, just wish it occured about 12 hours later.

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