Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Smidgeon of Pigeon

Before we moved to Turkey, we were told, "Turks have a love affair with their balconies." Indeed, it is rare to see an apartment building without at least one balcony per apartment. We have 3. As a way of coping with living in an apartment without a yard, the girls have adopted a balcony. Routinely I hear one of them calling across the front of our building to a sister on another balcony, "Hey, come over to my house. I am having a dance party!" and then the sibling will come over for a visit to the other balcony. I do borrow a spot on Annika's balcony to hang my laundry, but other than that, the girls have ownership.

I decided one day last week to fix the small balcony off of our bedroom for Eva. I scrubbed it down to remove all the pigeon droppings. I put her little toddler table out there, as well as her kitchen toys. Then I proceeded to hang some silvery cd's from the ceiling to detract the pigeons. Eva was my big helper. She brought me duct tape and string and scissors. We carefully hung them up and talked all along about how much better it would be so we wouldn't have to clean bird poo off her special balcony. We finished the job and Eva sat down to play. As I left the room, I heard, "Birds! Birds! It okay. Come play with me."

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