Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the 8th Day

You know the command...on the 8th day boys were to be circumcised. Well, in Turkey, they circumcise at 8 years old (the time Abraham would have circumcised Ishmael). Our hospital would not do this procedure for us when Benaiah was born, so we had to search out someone else. I would, of course, prefer that he be too young to ever remember this procedure! Today, on his 11th day of life, he will be circumcised by a Jewish surgeon at a private clinic. We'll see how well the good doctor knows his Old Testament when we tell him Benaiah's name.


Michele said...

ouch. I agree - 8 days is far better than 8 years.

Katie said...

Oh - poor thing. I remember when they did it to Christian - I was so sad.... but it's kinda cook how you guys are doing it and it will be interesting to see if the doctor says anything about the name. He's so cute - I know you guys are thrilled!!!

Kelly said...

He's soooooooo cute! I'm glad you found someone to help you - EIGHT YEARS OLD!!! Bless those poor little boys' hearts!

Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, I relate to everything you said about your precious son. I still cannot describe the birth of my sons with words and it has been fourteen years since the first one, which by the way was born on September 26. :) My oldest son born on that date was the son I prayed for just like Hannah did and also like Hannah, God "opened my womb" and 13 months later, came the second son. Be prepared to never lose the wonder you feel over that little boy. I never have over my boys. God bless all of you. With much love, Melanie

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