Sunday, July 21, 2019

Prague Adventure: Time with Family

We love having the opportunity to travel from Turkey! The main purpose, of course, is just to be together. We also realize the years of all seven being able to be together for some vacation time is quickly coming to a close as our kids grow up.

Prague was such a beautiful place. We simply could not take a bad picture!

As I stated the other day, we filled up on a big free breakfast at the hotel, ate snacks for lunch, then went out for dinner. We soon discovered an Indian restaurant down the street. From then on, it was our nightly pick!

One night just Sweet Cheeks, CC, and I wandered out for a walk to see a Christmas market. We happened upon this candlelit heart on the street. It was so interesting. We read up that it commemorated the passing of a man who was key in the fight for democracy in the CR.

The sights and sounds of the European Christmas markets are so fun....

...and the smells and the tastes. This is what happens when you go out alone with your parents. You get an extra trdelnik! (She even got Nutella inside. What can I say? )

We walked down Wenceslas Square to see the giant statue of the great King.

Candles had been left at his statue that night.

This was the national museum. We made plan to visit on a rainy/snowy day during our trip.

We hiked through the streets back to our warm hotel and warm beds!

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Mary Ann said...

I have been following your blog for many years. I normally do not comment much, just enjoy the writings and sharing of life from others as if I am reading books. However, I have felt compelled to comment. I love your blog and have enjoyed your sharing your families life as you have lived and served in Turkey. Know that times are not always as we wish. However know that you, your family, and mission are prayed for. Thanks so much for adding to your blog. I have missed your postings. We all know that children grow up way too fast!

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