Friday, July 12, 2019

Prague Adventure: Learning About Pretzels the Hard Way and Seeing a Real Ballet

Doing these little Christmas trips for us means findings ways to keep the budget low where possible. So, we decided to eat the complimentary breakfast each day and really fill up, then snack for lunch. For dinner, we would have a meal out. We decided to try Czech food for our first meal. We wrongly assumed these hanging pretzels were complimentary and munched away while waiting for our food. When the waiter came to count our pretzels at the end of our meal, we realized our munchies were being charged! Oh well, we learned!

The food was delicious. This was roast pork, sauerkraut, and ....I can't remember! Oh, the pain of blogging 6 months late! But those big white slices were delicious. And I know they weren't bread!

We did decide to splurge on some tickets to a ballet. It would be our one big event. Our girls had always wanted to see a REAL ballet, and we felt our son should say he once attended a ballet. So, we walked downtown to the National Theatre. It was a beautiful stroll at night by the river.

The National Theatre opened in 1881. It was a beautiful building, and we were excited to have this cultural experience!

The building itself was worth the ticket. It was beautiful. I thought of the many interesting people from various time periods who must have sat there to watch an opera or a ballet.

No pictures were allowed during the performance, but I can assure you that the orchestra, the costumes, the set and special effects, and the dancing were all fabulous! The ballet was a combination of the Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol, with a plot intertwining the two classics together. And my son left there realizing just how muscular the male dancers were! He still mentioned he has no desire to ever wear tights!

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Nanette R. said...

Yay! I'm happy to see you back to blogging, although I understand and haven't blogged on my own blog in almost a year! I look forward to reading about your family's happenings.

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