Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Summer 2018: Memphis Birthday Fun for Sweet Cheeks

We had such a wonderful time in Memphis and enjoyed eating out with CC's sister and her husband. They are an encouragement to us!

The cousins had plenty of hang out time! So much laughter coming from these rooms!

I was able to reconnect with my high school bff a couple of times.

And soon July 15 came and our little Sweet Cheeks turned 13! This gave us 4 teenage daughters at once for another 3/4 of a year! We all went to IHOP for breakfast, and she was given a sundae to top off her waffles.

We gave her multiple options of a fun activity we could do together. She chose a roller skating day. There was no argument from me! I love my girl so much and am proud of her in every way as she is growing into her teen years.

These are the days that fill our cup and remind us that, though we are far away, we are not forgotten!

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