Friday, October 26, 2018

Summer 2018: Celebrating 80 Years with My Uncle

We made a quick trip up to Nashville to celebrate my dear uncle and his 80th birthday.

He's always meant so much to me. He heart is as big as our state of Tennessee. I wonder if there is a spiritual gift for "Saving People When They Hit Hard Times"? If so, that's his gift. Loved ones who might need a helping hand is on his constant radar, and he quietly comes in and helps them out.

I got to see my twin cousins play their harps.

My cousins have some good connections, so they asked singer and songwriter Don Schlitz to come provide some entertainment that night. He was a funny guy who said we might not have ever heard of him, but he wrote a song he'd like to play for us. The next thing we knew he was playing "The Gambler"!! He is extremely talented and very kind.

I have another "cousin" who was always just my cousin because she was the first cousin of my first cousin (on the other side). We spent some time together in Virginia, and she is just as precious as they come. Recently we discovered that we truly are cousins because our moms, good high school friends, are actually cousins too.

These gal cousins have been in my life since day one. I love them so much!

And here is our posse. These are the first cousins who were all the same age. We grew up getting spankings together, brushing ourselves off and heading out for more fun and trouble. Believe it or not, because of time and distance, the last time we were all six together was at my wedding in 1996.

This is my little cousin. I love her so much.

And this is our full set of first cousins! A and W were a little older than us (and perhaps a little wiser) so they were generally assigned to be our babysitters.

My heart was full, and that party, seeing those I love, did me good!

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