Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Summer 2018: National Civil Rights Museum and Some BBQ

We took our guests to the National Civil Rights Museum, which is celebrating 50 years. CC has a connection with this, as he grew up all of his years in Memphis. He was born the year Dr. King was killed. And we toured the museum on the 50th anniversary year.

Sweet Cheeks quickly spotted a print of this Rockwell painting that speaks volumes. She had done her end-of-the-year artist project on Rockwell.

The museum was so well done. We may or may not have boarded the bus and listened to the recording of the driver speaking to Rosa Parks about 10 times.

My children have had so many life experiences. I'm deeply grateful they have been able to see and touch things rather than just reading them in a book. Just last night Big Ben had an assignment to write an "email" (pretend) to a friend about what he had learned about King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Well, we saw their palace last December! Let's write about that! I'm grateful that they got to tour this museum and learn about the history of civil rights in their own home country.

And meanwhile, this gal was shadowing at a hospital and loving it!

We had to take our guests for some Memphis BBQ. There was no question! We started with Corky's!

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