Sunday, October 7, 2018

Summer 2018: Time for Camp

The kids had a few days to run and play with their Middle TN cousins. They helped work on this amazing fort in the streets.

Here's the path from their grandparents' house to the cousins....just a quick run over!

This year all of these cousins attended camp. Some were workers and some were campers. It was so fun to all go together!

We dropped off our workers and took the campers to lunch, as they could not check in quite yet. We had a quick tutorial on a phone app by our kids.

Uncle R treated everyone to a Sonic drink before it was time to go.

Here was the cabin Sweet Cheeks was in.

Miss Middler was so happy to get her little cuz L in her cabin.

And Big Ben was happy to get settled in his cabin. God is always looking out for my kids. His counselor was our good friend from the week we worked this camp last year.

Here's the day we picked them up. I think all five are crashing in one bed.

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