Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Summer 2018: Tidbits of Time Together Part II

CC had to fly on back to meet his scheduling needs in Turkey and help get the MANY new teachers settled into homes. We stayed on to get a few more days with Firstborn before we had to leave.

We had a wonderful lunch visit with our former pastor and his wife. He was passing through and contacted me, so we were able to throw some sandwiches together and enjoy a little catch up time.

One Sunday morning we had worship together as families.....

...and we finally got that Indian! My brother ordered a big meal for us all to share the night before we left. It was delicious!

We sat around the fire pit and talked, then had our goodbyes and hugs....

....until Summer 2019.

A new goodbye for us is the goodbye to big sis now. I came in my room to find the four sisters all in the bed.

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