Monday, April 30, 2018

Mid-Spring in the Mediterranean: A Drive to the South

What a busy year it has been! Soon Spring Break was just around the corner. We had a full week off just after Good Friday. CC and I began thinking about what we could do with the family that would be restful and easy and cheap, but would get us out of the city a little for some family time. We almost always go to Cappadocia for Spring Break, just a four hour drive and always wonderful, no matter how many times we've been. So, we called Hassan Bey where we always stay. He said he was fully booked (which made us happy, as business has been low for them recently), but that we could just come stay in his home! (Only in Turkey!) We decided not to take him up on it, but I suggested to CC that we could go to Antalya, the Mediterranean Coast. It's a long drive, 8 hours, but I thought I could find us some cheap flights, and we could just stay in one place the whole time with no need for our van. Sure enough, I found $20 airline tickets for the 1 hour flight. CC began investigating some places to stay that would be more like our Cappadocia adventures and less like a big hotel. He found the perfect spot, called Cirali. Cabins, no frills, where the entire family could stay for $30/night, including breakfast! The catch was, though, he wanted to drive. It's just too beautiful to see the countryside and too good for our family to do a road trip to pass it up for a flight. 

So, we loaded up. Kids. Bags. Snacks. And we were off. 

We always always always stop at the McDonalds half way. It's basically the only time we eat at McDonalds, but it's the perfect rest stop when everyone is getting hungry. 

I just really enjoy seeing the landscapes as we drive and try to take pictures as we go. I spotted so many sheep and shepherds! Sweet Cheeks, the one who can find the tiniest detail that everyone else misses, spotted wild mountain goats as we neared the mountains.

This country is beautiful! 

Soon we came down down down the big mountain into the flat, palm-tree laden streets of Antalya.

And we began to see the beautiful sea with the mountainous rocks jutting out.

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