Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mid-Spring in the Mediterranean: Cirali Cabins

The "pansiyon" we stayed in (which means it is more like a hostel or a self-service place) was PERFECT. We weren't looking for room service; we were looking for relaxation and nature and roughing it a bit....maybe not quite on the level of "Camping Campbell-style" where I am fetching water, but something very basic where were could rest and gear up for the last quarter of school. We put the girls in a cabin, and we made Big Ben our roommate.

The cabins were quaint, but clean, and we had a built in alarm clock. A rooster!

I can't take a picture of the smells. That's one thing I think about over and over. Smells can't be captured. But the orange blossoms were in full bloom. It was like walking through a fragrance counter, only better. I thought many times of Eden. And heaven. Don't you wonder what Eden smelled like?

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