Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mid-Spring in the Mediterranean: Easter Morn

We slept well and woke to the rooster! The absolute best part about staying at this place (which may have to become tradition!) was the breakfast. What a spread! There's no such thing as continental breakfast here. And all those jellies were homemade from the trees on their property (orange and quince). $30/night for the cabin and breakfast for 6. Anyone want to retire here with me?

Easter 2018

Easter was the only day we drove anywhere, but we wanted to worship with other believers. It took us about an hour and a half to get to town to the church.

It was located in downtown Antalya, very near where Scripture states St. Paul once docked.

Indeed it was a joy to be with other believers, including this friend who used to live in our city. Ironically, Firstborn had made an Easter weekend road trip with friends and was worshipping in this gal's hometown church in Alabama! Only the Lord.

Driving downtown was a little challenging, as we finally found the church, but also found a sign that they were meeting elsewhere for Easter. So, we navigated to the new spot, only after driving down this "road" which actually turned out to be a trolley track! I had to take this picture for Firstborn, to let her know some things haven't changed!

Streets of Antalya.

We enjoyed being in a worship service with other believers. After our day there, we headed back to our cabins.

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